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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20 Questions, Round Two

My apologies to all of you who were waiting for round two.  We have been busy with family so I'm a little late.

Was this place part of the Soviet Union?

Will you be in the same continent as Henderson family members?
none that I'm aware of (Laura, any plans?)

Will the dominant language be English?
definitely not

Does it end in -stan?

Does it qualify for the clothing allowance?
thankfully, no

Is it a Russian-speaking post?
it's not Russian designated

Are any of the Hindu Kush mountains in this country?

Is the current name of the country the same it has been for the last 100 years?

200 years?

The next round ends 12 AM EST April 11, so keep the questions coming!

3 comments: said...

Is it a coastal country?

kelley said...

Does the name contain 4 or more consecutive consonants?

MacLeans said...

I'm just sad that I now know it isn't Burkina. Would have been fun... maybe next time!