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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eight Years

One day we'll look significantly different than in our
engagement picture, but not this year.

It's been another year of wedded bless for Brandon and me.  To celebrate we abandoned the children and went out for breakfast (I couldn't resist the call of pork sausage and croissants) and then wandered around town and went to a museum.  Afterwards we came home and made pizza to eat while watching a movie with the children.  Then we cleaned up the house and a mirror that managed to suicide itself very late at night. Ahh, romance.

I would have liked to escaped to somewhere warm, tropical, and secluded (without the children), but life isn't always quite what the movies tell us it should be.

[Insert sentimental musings that everyone feels obligatory to show that they love their spouse but nobody likes to read.  Obviously I love my husband.  That's why he's my husband.  One day I will be introspective and wise enough to write something moving that avoids the nausea factor.  But obviously not yet.]

Joseph is on Brandon's back.


kelley said...

What? Movies aren't accurate? Not everyone feels the need to proclaim love in relation to stars and moons and mountains and rainbows?

That's just crazy talk.

Happy anniversary! Going out to breakfast is a fine way to celebrate!

PaulaJean said...

Happy Aniversary! The azaleas are still in bloom in your honor. It was a happy day for all.

UnkaDave said...

Nice! You made it eight years! We all knew you could do it! No one actually bet any cold cash, you understand, but we knew you could do it.