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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ten days ago, I made a gamble: instead of diapers, I pulled out panties and put them on Sophia. She is old enough, I reasoned, to put two and two together and figure out that panties are not diapers and start using the little red potty we had gotten her.

I was wrong. After 10 days of wiping up messes from the floor (thank heaven 80% of the flooring in our house is stone), emphasizing and re-emphasizing where exactly business is supposed to be done, threatening, cajoling, and bribing, not much has changed except for Sophia's ability to hold it longer.

And so this morning I pulled the diapers out again. I've realized two things: some fights just aren't worth it and there are worse things than changing dirty cloth diapers.


Nisa said...

Aww... Darn! It was worth a try, but I totally agree. Sometimes you have to know when to strategically retreat!

UnkaDave said...

Yeah, whatever. Remembering the strength of heredity in determining behavior, she may not be out of diapers until she's a Beehive.

Sarah Flib said...

Plus she's pretty little still. Isn't she barely 18 months? I don't blame you for wanting to try, though! Have you liked using cloth diapers more than disposable diapers?

PaulaJean said...

Now you know why I didn't even consider potty-training you until Dad took matters in his own hands when you were over three. Brynn wore me out.

Sherwood family said...

Sarah, I really haven't had much of a problem with cloth diapers; most of the time they're not more of a hassle than disposables, and when I do have the occasional mess, there's a sprayer in the tub next to the toilet that helps a lot (Egyptian toilets aren't like American ones with the nice large bowl of water to swish in...).