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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mango Jam

Yesterday, Rere came through my door with two very heavy bags. In each bag was 10 pounds of mangoes. Yesterday afternoon after coming home from my doctor’s appointment, I set to work. Two hours later, my hands were cramped and aching, and my skin and fingernails were dyed yellow. When I went to bed, I was followed by the scent of mango that still hadn’t washed off.

However, I had four containers of pulp ready to make four batches of jam with. Seven bags of pulp were in my freezer, ready when the urge for mango jam or mango custard strikes me. My pioneer ancestors would be proud.


UnkaDave said...

Dude! Yeah, I just love it when Mom comes home with those bags full of mangoes... That sounds yummy!

PaulaJean said...

What does Rere think of your mango madness??

Lindsay Edward said...

All I can say is YUM! Sounds good!

Nisa said...

Yum!! Okay, I know I've been a slacker about the blog thing, but did you get lucky enough to hire Rere? How did that happen???