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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yesterday four Egyptian men showed up at our apartment and completed one more step in making our house a home. When we moved into this apartment, I quickly declared that about 1/3 of the furniture would have to go. In preparation for its departure, I started piling up extra furniture in the future nursery and in extra spaces around the house.

And so yesterday, much to their dismay, the poor men had to figure out how to get: four mattresses, four box springs, four bed frames, four headboards, four 7-ft bookshelves, one entertainment center, one china cabinet, one curio cabinet, one 6-ft dresser, one night stand, three mirrors, one hall table, one desk, one chair, and four lamps down the elevator and into their waiting truck.

It took an hour to get the things out of our apartment, and then another hour to get it all downstairs and into the truck. The irony of course is that after we leave in two years they're just going to have to get it all back up here again.


Nisa said...

They always put too much furniture in them. It's crazy! Sadly, we're storing them in closets here because they have no place to take them away to...

Sarah Flib said...

Wow, you just sent away more furniture than we have in our whole apartment! I'm glad you've got plenty.

PaulaJean said...

At least it won't be your problem!

Laura said...

Wow, that much furniture in one apartment? Crazy!

Does that mean you will post pictures?

^unabashed begging^