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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


With only a week to go before the girls and I head off the the US, I've been getting things ready. For those of you who aren't aware, my husband's employer 'strongly recommends' delivering babies in the US, which necessitates a little more planning than a regular birth. Due to airline restrictions, we have to leave Cairo six weeks before my due date, and due to governmental regulations, we can't return until Edwin and I are medically cleared and Edwin has a passport and a visa, another six weeks.

However, after having read about my friend's experience delivering a baby here recently in a 'nice' hospital in Cairo, I'm now more accepting of an 18-hour cross-global flight by myself with two small children. Perspective is a good thing.

Since Brandon is going to be a lone man for the next three months, I've been preparing some comforts for him to enjoy during our long absence. Before you start feeling sorry for Brandon, envisioning endless dinners of rice and long hours cleaning our spacious apartment, don't worry - I didn't leave him comfortless. Rere will be coming twice a week to clean, do the laundry, and cook for him so he'll be okay on the material end of things.

Rere, however, is Egyptian and will be cooking Egyptian food, so we've been making bread, English muffins, cookie dough, and marmalade for him to snack on. The marmalade, I must admit, is more for my jealous guarding of the precious mango jam than for an extreme concern for Brandon if he were to go jam-less. He does like marmalade, however, and so I think most of the mango jam should be safe.

I'm also packing and setting things in order for yet another uprooting (albeit temporary). Kathleen is excited about flying on an airplane - and one that includes breakfast! Sophia doesn't have a clear idea of what's going on, but is getting old enough to pick up on context clues. Every time I pull out a suitcase she starts screaming bloody murder. I'm not looking forward to the airport scene.


UnkaDave said...

Must be related. I scream and cry whenever your mother gets out the suitcases, too. It usually happens when she has once again threatened to leave me.

PaulaJean said...

Speaking of doings, I'm off to Ikea to finish off the transformation of Mike's room for the girls. :-)

Lydia said...

Oh, it's worth it. ReRe made food for Spencer, but he just shared it at work or gave it to the boab. Otlob was his favorite friend. And cereal. And ramen. And frozen pizza.

Nancy said...

I'm glad you'll be able to go home, although delivering here probably wasn't as bad as being separated from my husband for 12 weeks and making a trans-Atlantic flight by myself with two kids.

Really I'm not sure which would be worse...