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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grocery Shopping

There are various things I really enjoy about living overseas.  I like trying new food.  I enjoy learning about the way things are done around the world.  And I love going to grocery stores.  

In Cairo, we had a commissary, so I almost never went to the local grocery stores.  I didn't have the time or inclination to make several stops on shopping days, so I was stuck with most of the same products I found in the US.  Some of the dairy products were brought from Europe, and there was a small case of deli-type things, but there wasn't much else.

So far I've only gone to the grocery store with someone, so I haven't had the opportunity to browse the aisles, perusing the various and sundry types of sweets and candy that take up one quarter of the store - more than the baking section and dried goods combined.  But once I get to have my first solo run, I plan to take my sweet time.

But, today while in the checkout line, I found a familiar product, with an unexpected twist.

Snickers!  With hazelnuts!


Nomads By Nature said...

ooooo that looks sooooo yummy! Was the price decent? Here in Moz you might find a small packet of m&ms every now and then but that tiny packet costs almost 4 dollars or more. And that is the only US candy I've ever seen.

PaulaJean said...

We do have Snickers in Colombia, but not with hazelnuts. Lucky!!

Sherwood family said...

The price wasn't bad; about a dollar? I've found hazelnut M&Ms here, too. All of the American candy, however, is produced in Russia and has about 8 languages on the package (none English). And there is a juice brand that is owned by Coca-Cola. But I haven't seen any actual Coca-Cola soda.

UnkaDave said...

Hold it! I don't seen anything on that candy bar that says anything about "hazelnuts!" For all we can tell, that says, "And now, with more radioactive residue!"

kelley said...

I hear foreign chocolate/candy is superior to our lame-o, bland American chocolate, even the famous name brand stuff. I had a Canadian Kit-Kat once. It's the only thing I will admit is better in Canada.