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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sophia, the running fool

Yesterday was grocery shopping day.  It was also the first (of three!) day of Brandon's Novruz holidays, so he was upstairs entertaining everyone while I blow-dried my hair and attempted to look presentable.  Sweatpants and Crocs are nonexistent around here in the city where women wear three-inch stilettos in four inches of snow.

As I applied mascara, polka music started to drift down the stairs.  After a few minutes, I heard Brandon encouraging someone to do something faster.  Clean up the toys?  Dance the funky chicken?

I finished my preparations and went up to the toy room to see what the party was about.  I found Sophia running in endless circles to the cheery tunes of "The Pennsylvania Polka," with Brandon egging her on.

She stopped, panting, and eagerly asked, "are you going to put this on your blog, mom?"  So here she is, in all of her glory.


PaulaJean said...

Nice running, Sophia! Edwin looks unimpressed.

UnkaDave said...

The "Pennsylvania Polka?!" That's right up there with the "Baku Boogaloo!"

UnkaDave said...

And remember, The Pennsylvania Polka was by Frankie Yankovic, father of, (wait for it), WEIRD AL!!

Nomads By Nature said...

Sofia ROCKS!! I love this age when running circles to music is the best fun ever. We didn't have polka music in China, but the finale to River Dance could entertain and drain the excess energy on any indoor day.