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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sophia's first trip to the ER

Monday was Sophia's first trip to the emergency room.  Brandon has been predicting her visit since she started walking two and a half years ago, swearing almost every day that she was going to not pay attention and fall down and break her neck, her leg, her skull, her arm... whatever bone he was thinking of at at the moment.

Thankfully his predictions were more dire than the actual event, and she only ended up splitting open her chin and biting some nasty gashes in her tongue.  She had dressed up in tights and a leotard to dance to Swan Lake and slipped on the hardwood stairs and fallen on her chin.

After looking at her chin, I decided that some stitches might be necessary and called Brandon.  And then called my saintly neighbor who took the other three children while Sophia and I got a ride with mobile patrol through the traffic-clogged streets of downtown Baku to SOS clinic which caters to the expat crowd.

Sophia ended up coming out with a glued chin and a shiny pink plesiosaur sticker, having charmed her Bulgarian doctor and everyone else in the clinic with her bravery.

We had a nice time talking during the slow creep home and got back in time for dinner, following which everyone got dessert for being so good.  After doing the calculations for how long we took to get there, I started making contingency plans for any major wounds involving massive bleeding.  But hopefully we'll just stick to things that can be fixed with glue and shiny pink dinosaurs.


Laura said...

So, here's the burning question: Did she get a Fentanyl lollipop?

Tell Sophia I'm very very proud of her for being so brave!

ericandsondra said...

Our experience in NEA has built up quite the practice in contingency plans... in the event of the apocalypse, I think we're mostly

UnkaDave said...

Tell her she now matches Aunt Laura's chin, and anything having to do with Aunt Laura is very cool.