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Thursday, August 5, 2010

We're here and in one piece

The jet lag has begun to wear off, and so I return to my computer with enough energy to let all of you eager readers know that we arrived and nobody was harmed on our flights.  All considering, we had a very good trip and I know that I was blessed to have no emergencies.  The children slept, some, and were very well behaved and patient with being on a plane for 8 1/2 hours.  Everyone took pity on me and I had many kind offers of help throughout the day.  

By the end of our trip I had been awake for 26 hours straights with nothing longer than 7 minutes (I was listening to my iPod so I could tell) of sleep.  Although the children were well-behaved and all slept, they never all slept at the same time, and so I as the sole responsible adult never got to sleep.  In addition to having to watch the children, as the sole responsible adult I was also in charge of taking care of everyone's toilet needs and so spent who knows how many trips up and down the aisle to take children to the bathroom.  Just as one was finished and I settled down, the next would need to go.  I got to be good friends with the flight attendants in the rear of the plane.

In the Frankfurt airport, I found a baby-changing room and used the hot water to wash out Edwin's bottle and re-fill it with clean water.  When she saw me using the tap water, Kathleen was appalled, and exclaimed that I couldn't use that water - it was dirty!  I explained to her that in Germany, you can use the tap water for washing hands and drinking.  For the rest of our trip, she exclaimed over the novelty and told everyone she could find about it.  Even this evening, she was still excited about being able to fill her cup straight from the tap.  

We're here until Saturday and then will be going to the beach for a week with my family, and so there may or may not be posting, depending on my sense of obligation.  It is, after all, a vacation.