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The Sherwood Story

Brandon grew up in Missouri and Arizona, with a two-year LDS mission to Ukraine.  I (Ashley) grew up in North Carolina, and my parents still live in the same house that they moved into when I was three.  We both went to BYU for school, and met at the end of our time there.

We married in 2005, and a week later went to Cairo for seven months of Arabic study.  After returning to BYU and Brandon's last semester of school, we lived in Utah for three more years.  While pursuing various job leads, Brandon worked at the local Stouffer's plant making frozen lasagnas while I stayed home with Kathleen, who came in 2006, and Sophia who showed up in 2008.

Brandon joined the Foreign Service in March of 2009, and in July we moved to Cairo.  I went to the US for three months in 2009 so that Edwin could join our family in December.  In 2011, we survived the Arab Spring and resulting evacuation, left Cairo permanently in July, had another boy, Joseph, in November, and moved to Baku, Azerbaijan in December.

We left Baku in January 2014 and spent 9 months in Virginia, where Brandon studied Tajik and I had our fifth child, Eleanor.  We moved to Tajikistan in November 2014 with a three-month stay in the U.S. to have our sixth child, William, in 2017.  We left Dushanbe in summer 2018 and moved to Tashkent that same summer, with a stop in the US.

We're now in Tashkent until summer 2021, enjoying the delights of Central Asia and our backyard pool.  Our seventh (and last) baby was born in North Carolina the fall of 2019.