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Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas

As a child growing up in North Carolina, I loved watching White Christmas with Bing Crosby, where he and some friends head up to Vermont for a wonderful white Christmas filled with snow, skiing, snowmen, and hot chocolate by the fire. My siblings and I would watch the weather report breathlessly around Christmas time, waiting for any small hint of frozen precipitation (even freezing rain counted). I remember one Christmas where a chilled rain almost counted.

After three or four snowstorms since Thanksgiving, I am cured of any desire for snow on, around, or within the three-month vicinity of Christmas, New Years, my birthday, Valentine's Day, or Easter. Perhaps Saint Patrick's day, too. But, as I live in Utah, the most two-week recent forecast includes 7 days of snowflake pictures, and only one day that isn't at least mostly cloudy. And it's been like this for the last two weeks. And the highest temperature on that list is 35 degrees.

If perhaps you are a person of my husband's ilk who spent two winters in frozen Ukraine, and considers the perfect weather to be 33, drizzling, and cloudy, then this Christmas is perfect for you. If, however, you have the soul (if not the appearance) of non-northern European descent, then we can all join together and tell Ol'Blue Eyes (and Irving Berlin, for that matter) to go hang it.


UnkaDave said...

Most excellent blog entry! It's supposed to be about 57 and sunny in J-ville on Monday. We're going to ride with Chad and Mom to Topsail to check out beach houses. We'll be thinking about you!
Kiss Kathleen for Grandpa!

The Olsen's said...

It was so nice to see you guys last night. I only wish we would have had more of a chance to talk at dinner. Pete's cousins are a little mmmm....rambuncious and not above moving other peoples stuff so they can do what they want. Sorry about that! Kathleen is more darling every time we see her, which I wish was more often. Hope you didn't freeze to death and Thanks for the wonderful presents...I have poor impulse control when it comes to Christmas presents...Megan loves the movie...I almost bought it for her a couple weeks ago but waited be cause I was shure I could find a better deal, and Christmas present is a much better deal than amazon. We are also excited to try out the recipes in the book...especially the know how we feel about sushi! We love it! Thanks for taking the time to see us while we were in town! Love you all!


dixonfamily said...

Ashley, I share your feelings! Here in Oregon it might not get too cold, but for about 5 months or more the sun doesn't shine and there is constant drizzle. I am sure Brandon would love it here. I hope you survive the snow and have a wonderful Christmas. We sure do love you guys and Kathleen, and are excited to see if a little boy or girl will soon be joining your family!