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Sunday, December 7, 2008


After having taken her own sweet time to begin her verbal journeying, Kathleen is now making up for lost time.  And giving us a wonderful insight into the logic of two year-olds.  A few days ago while at dinner, the word 'trouble' came up in the conversation.  To show that she, too could participate, Kathleen pitched in her own two cents.

'Trouble!  Fifi-no!'

Because of course Sophia is the only one in the house who causes trouble.  And unwinds all of the floss.  And dumps Motrin down the heating vent.


Unknown said...

How funny! She has such a cute personality!

UnkaDave said...

That Fifi! The source of any and all mischief! What a patient and well-behaved older sister she is lucky to have.

Ashlie said...

That's so darling! I think it's hilarious that you guys call her "Fifi!"