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Sunday, May 10, 2009


We should have known better.  Sophia has already shown her adeptness at opening her new cloth diapers - it's simple - just grab the velcro tabs and open them up.  And I've heard the stories of what can happen when babies have that ability.  She can't pull her pants off yet, so all it takes is a pair of pants and we're safe.

But unfortunately, she wasn't wearing a pair of pants.  When I walked into her room after nap time, I saw what happens when parents get sloppy.  

The room stank.  Sophia had opened her diaper and had its contents on her clothes, her blankets, her crib, her sheets, and most horrifying, her face.  When I gasped in disgust and amazement she looked up at me innocently with confusion on her face, contrasting poignantly with the other substance on her face, and I couldn't help but laugh.

She will never, ever live it down.


Latter-day Guy said...

Oh man, just wrap them in newspaper until they're potty trained. That was truly shudder-worthy. Again, proof of my good sense in being an uncle, because I get all the fun of being around kids when they're charming and adorable, but when the **** hits the fan (perhaps even literally) I get to hand them over to their parents! Good luck, guys!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh! Ethan is just like that! Except he can take his pants off and his diaper off! The little stink bug... At least you can laugh about it! So I'm thinking 16 years down the road, we don't let these two date! lol!

Mary Pugh said...

All I can say is bravo for your attempts at saving the earth with cloth diapers! I for one will stick to just recycling what a I can, I am no Mother least not yet!

UnkaDave said...

Gosh, isn't that cute? Something about things going around and coming back around, or something like that...let's see, how does that go?

Your Dad