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Friday, March 5, 2010

Baggage part II

After all of the trouble, however, I had only retrieved one of the two lost pieces of baggage. Still missing was my box containing dried black beans (unobtainable in Egypt) and diapers (not quite as problematic). After talking with EAS who disavowed all knowledge of my box, I called Lufthansa.

They sent me an email which had an attachment which really didn't, which I replied to which never made it there, and then they sent another one with the attachment after a phone call which I finally filled out and emailed back.

That same afternoon I received a phone call
Lufthansa Lady: We received your email, and checked with EAS. They said you picked up the box.
me: No, I didn't.
LL: Well, they have on record (i.e. the book) that you did.
me: No, I went to the airport, looked in their cage, and only saw my daughter's car seat. There was no box.
LL: They said that your record was closed and the box was picked up.
me: There was no box. They wouldn't trace the box, and to me to call you.
LL: Ok, thank you. I will call them back.

The next day:
LL: We have traced you luggage and it cannot be found.
me: As in it is lost?
LL: Yes. However you can come to our office and we will give you the value. Do you have any receipts?
me: No (incredulous). I bought them in the states, and it was just black beans and diapers.
LL: Well, if you have any receipts, please bring them. We are in Zamalek (a 30-minute drive away) and open Monday through Thursday from 10 - 1.

So I get to find some way to get up to Zamalek to pick up money for a bag they lost, after having paid $40 to retrieve the car seat.

I just want to know who is eating my black beans and wearing the diapers.

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UnkaDave said...

Yeah, I understand there's, like, a huge Cairo black market for black beans. As well as a pretty big red market for red beans. And... well, you can see where this is going.