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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm all they've got

During the summers here in Cairo, everyone leaves.  Some people leave permanently and some people just leave for awhile - usually for at least a month.  Which leaves the branch in an interesting position.  Despite the mass exodus there are still enough people that have to be talked to, taught, and accompanied.  In past summers, this problem has been dealt with by simply having two hours of church.  But this summer, 60 BYU students showed up to play substitute teacher and fill in for everyone else during their vacations.

This past Friday was the low point of branch attendance, with the families of small children almost being non-existent.  Almost.  Which is worse for me than not at all.  In the primary, the primary president, first counselor and secretary were all gone, while the second counselor had moved a month ago.  And that left me, the primary chorister, running the show for all four of the primary children, two of whom speak (and understand) questionable English.

And so Kathleen gave the talk to her three classmates and the two nursery children who came to bolster the numbers.  Kaji, with some help, gave the scripture, Miriam gave the opening prayer and Farajela, again with some help, gave the closing prayer.  Next week they're switching spots, and the following week they're switching again.

And for singing time and sharing time, we watched a movie.  It was about Jesus Christ, and that's the theme for the month, so who's to complain?  And who would they complain to, as I'm the only one here anyway?  Next week, however, the secretary will be back and I'll have to think of something for singing time - this time for five primary children.


sarahflib said...

Leaving the heat sounds wise. I seriously do not know how you can do Cairo. The heat in Madrid is already making me wilt, and I'm sure it's nothing in comparison.

UnkaDave said...

Wow, so you, like, have control of their little minds, and no oversight. Hmmmm.. This raises all SORTS of possibilities!

PaulaJean said...

I was thinking the same thing as Dad. Who is there to care that you show movies??

Bridget said...

Whatever you did, Miriam loved it. And she is SO ready for her talk tomorrow. You're doing a fine job :).